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What can you do to bring back forests?

What can you do to change incentives for destruction?

What can you do to sustain our world?

How We Work

We focus on doing. Our projects start locally, allowing us to learn and improve their effectiveness in achieving scalable impact. We work in three areas: standing forest conservation, forest restoration, and reforestation products.

Forest Recovery

Our Forest Recovery projects focus on forest restoration in high impact areas. Namely, we focus on reforesting hydrologically sensitive areas, restoring wildlife corridors, and improving climate change resilience in the communities where we work.

Reforestation Products

Our focus here is to develop and encourage financially viable reasons to bring back forest cover. One of the most exciting prospects is the integration of tree crops (for their wood, resins, fruits, and nuts) in land used for pasture.

Standing Forest

Our conservation targets privately owned forests in the Brazilian Amazon. By understanding local economic pressures, we can estimate how valuable a hectare of land is to a landowner if they were to convert the forest to pasture or agriculture. This means our system can, feasibly, pay a landowner a fair and competitive price for their land to be maintained in forest, monitor and make sure the landowner keeps the forest standing, and transparently show our supporters that the forest is still standing.

Forest Fund Intro Video

We are a startup at the deforestation forefront

testing practical solutions that prevent or

reverse the loss of the Amazon Biome.

Floresta Cards

Our Floresta Cards raise funds for restoring forest cover in six hydrologically sensitive areas. Each card represents a seedling. Follow us on social media or revisit our website to see where and when we plant your seedlings!

About the Artist

Shirley Felts fell in love with the Amazon Rainforest during her first visit in the early 90s. Since then, Shirley has spent countless hours painting in peaceful solitude immersed in the captivating beauty of the rainforest. Shirley has been an advocate for nature throughout her career. She has illustrated more than 100 publications and received the Conservation Book Award and the Friends of the Earth Award, among others. We are honored that Shirley has decided to collaborate with Forest Fund's Forest Recovery Project. Her paintings and her love for the rainforest are powerful reminders of the wonders we need to sustain.

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